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Experience the uplifting power of Christian music & Biblical teachings brought to you by
We are dedicated to the sharing of the Good News of Hope in Jesus Christ, though inspirational music and sound teachings carefully selected and programed for your spiritual growth.


Music Broadcasting

Our music broadcasting service includes a wide range of Christian music genres, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Tune in to enjoy the uplifting melodies and lyrics that resonate with your faith.

Biblical Teachings

Tune in for our insightful biblical teachings that offer guidance, wisdom, and encouragement. Our programs are designed to deepen your understanding of the scriptures and inspire personal growth.

Community Events

Join us for community events that bring together like-minded individuals to celebrate faith, fellowship, and joy. Our events are designed to strengthen community bonds and promote a sense of belonging.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request a song to be played?

You can request a song by emailing your request to or visiting our facebook page at Wfar-Hope-fm.

Do you have a schedule for biblical teachings?

Yes, we have a regular schedule for biblical teachings. Check our program guide for details.

How can I participate in community events?

Stay updated on our upcoming community events through our website and social media channels. 

“WFAR HOPE FM has been a source of encouragement and inspiration for me. The music and teachings have uplifted my spirit and strengthened my faith. I'm grateful for this wonderful radio station.”

Contact us.

Get in touch with us to share your feedback, song requests, or inquire about partnerships.


Danbury, Connecticut


About us

WFAR HOPE FM is based in Danbury, Connecticut. The radio station dedicated to broadcasting Christian music and biblical teachings. We believe in the power of music and words to inspire, uplift, and unite communities. Our team is committed to providing quality programming that fosters hope, joy, and faith in our listeners.